Sandalwood Ylang Ylang Organic Perfume


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Certified Organic
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The ancient aroma of Sandalwood offers something unique: sweet and light, yet deeply gratifying. It has a centering and calming effect that over thousands of years has earned it a reputation as a purifying and sacred scent. It adds a sense of serenity to the body, while elevating the spirit. Sandalwood is used as a perfume for those who seek strength and tranquility.

Ylang Ylang is floral and euphoric, and can relieve negative emotions such as anger and frustration. It releases endorphins, which helps with pain management and mood regulation. Ylang Ylang has an extremely feminine “yin” energy, although it is suitable for men as well. It can especially help men who need to relax and develop their gentler, more intuitive side.

  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Promotes Serenity
  • Enhances Sensuality

Sandalwood-Ylang-Ylang Organic Perfume is both euphoric and centering. The earthy scent of Sandalwood is topped with sweet and sensual aroma of Ylang Ylang. This blend results in a satisfying perfume that inspires peacefulness and playful sensuality.

Apply to pulse points, behind ears, behind knee and elbow joints, and along frontal line. (The frontal line runs from the heart area upwards and downwards. It extends from the front of the neck to below the abdomen, parallel to the spine.)

Sandalwood inspires the tranquil state that we all seek, beyond the grasping of the material world. It can be worn by both men and women and has the effect of making the wearer attractive to the opposite sex.

Ylang Ylang is the best known aphrodisiac in aromatherapy. Intensely sweet and voluptuous, it is famous for inducing romantic moods and releasing inhibitions. Sensual Ylang Ylang  eliminates anything that stands in the way of complete naturalness and connection.

Together Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang support one another in creating a unique perfume that is both peaceful and playful.


  • Certified Organic Clear Jojoba Oil
  • Certified Organic Sandalwood Essential Oil
  • Certified Organic Ylang Ylang Complete Essential Oil
  • Non-GMO Vitamin E


Additional Information:

  • Sandalwood Essential Oil: Creates a tranquil state, enhancing peaceful awareness.
  • Ylang Ylang Complete Essential Oil: Releases inhibitions, increasing sensual delight. 
  • Clear Jojoba Oil: is excellent for all skin types. It has a similar composition to your skin's oil, which makes it easily absorbent and nourishing. 
  • Non-GMO Vitamin E: is a natural preservative, having antioxidant, and skin-nourishing properties.