Product Spotlight: Sweet Fennel

Product Spotlight: Sweet Fennel

May 1st 2023

Posted by Dr. Christoph Streicher and Chase F.

It’s easy to marvel at the complexity and wonder of the human body, mind, and spirit — especially the complexity and wonder of the FEMALE! Women are the closest thing on this planet to gods living amongst us. No person on earth even exists without the heavenly abilities of the female anatomy. Well, Mother Nature is called “Mother” because nature is the beautiful source of life and nourishment for us all. And as luck would have it, her intuition has led her to provide women with some powerful tools to help with their extraordinary day-to-day processes.

One example of these tools is Sweet Fennel Essential Oil. While it does have benefits to be enjoyed by either sex, this is a seemingly tailor-made compound with specifically tuned abilities to assist women through each stage of a miraculous life — a life filled with roles which seem infinitely rewarding but taxing at the same time. Let’s explore some of the ways Sweet Fennel can help to nurture the nurturers of the world.

What is Sweet Fennel? How does it Differ from Sweet Fennel Essential Oil?

Sweet Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare var. dulce) is a subspecies variant of the Mediterranean herb Fennel, which has been enjoyed by many cultures throughout history. As opposed to the “bitter” variety, it has a taste and aroma reminiscent of licorice. All varieties of Fennel have been used for culinary, therapeutic, and even spiritual applications since ancient times. Ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Chinese, and others enjoyed the flavors of its aromatic fruit and succulent shoots, while ultimately discovering many practical uses for the herb as well.

As a slimming aid and a health food, the Greeks used Fennel for athletic training and called it “Marathon.” Roman soldiers took this a step further, using the seeds during war campaigns to combat hunger and even to replace the occasional meal when time was of the essence. It was also regarded as a powerful digestive aid and reliever of flatulence. While these uses have been shown by modern science to have validity, there were some other pastime applications which are now understood to have been a bit far-fetched.

For instance, some ancients believed Fennel to be effective for fighting off the plague when combined with barberry seeds. Others used it for treatment of snake bites or improvement of eyesight. During the Middle Ages, it was regarded with superstition as a tool for combatting evil spirits and/or spells. Eventually, it became established as the main flavoring agent in the purportedly “magical” spirit commonly known as absinthe, also known as “the Green Fairy.”

Upon the advent of steam distillation, Sweet Fennel Essential Oil was born, perhaps revealing some of the herb’s most truly “magical” qualities. The composition, especially when derived from the “sweet” variant, acts as a potent oestrogenic. This means that it acts like estrogen in the body, rendering it as a wonderful tool for a variety of women’s health functions.* So, while the Fennel plant possesses potential benefits and uses for all of humankind, its concentrated essential oil is more often utilized by women seeking to facilitate and embrace all the enchanting aspects of feminine existence.* And what could be more magical than that?

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What are the Therapeutic Benefits of using Sweet Fennel Essential Oil?

As previously mentioned, Sweet Fennel Essential Oil is like Mother Nature’s special gift to all of womankind. It can help facilitate and regulate the menstrual cycle, especially in cases where the process tends to be scant or painful.* Its antispasmodic qualities help deter and alleviate cramping in general, or in specific situations related to menstrual and/or menopausal activity.* In fact, it has been shown effective in mitigating symptoms associated with all stages of menopause, by easing hot flashes, regulating hormonal activity, limiting fluid retention, increasing sexual satisfaction, and decreasing depression and mood swings.*

Additionally, Sweet Fennel Essential Oil has been shown to increase breast milk production and secretion for mothers and even to facilitate the process of childbirth in general.* These feminine benefits are due in part to the fact that the “sweet” variety contains more anethole and less fenchone than the “bitter” variety, which helps to imbue it with its powerful oestrogenic properties.*

Sweet Fennel Essential Oil exhibits carminative, stomachic, and diuretic properties which aid the digestive system in virtually every imaginable way.* It has been long known to help relieve flatulence and other discomfort associated with feelings of fullness.* It also helps to curb excessive cravings and encourage the release of digestive fluids, all in all assisting in the battle against obesity.* Sweet Fennel’s antiseptic and depurative qualities help rid the body of toxins, which provide even more ammunition against obesity by tackling cellulite and fluid retention.*

Sweet Fennel has been shown to be a high-powered antioxidant which can quell premature aging throughout the body by fighting damage caused by free radicals.* It also helps deter illness in multiple ways, whether it’s by aiding overall immune function via the lymphatic system or through its ability to expectorate the respiratory system which can help deter the common cold, flu, and symptoms associated with bronchial asthma.*

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How would you use Sweet Fennel Essential Oil?

A variety of application techniques can be used with Sweet Fennel Essential Oil. Apply a properly diluted dose to the skin topically to focus on specific areas of discomfort, congestion, fluid retention, or cramping.* Try it as part of a whole-body massage for an overall purifying effect on the body. This will help mitigate respiratory ailments, eliminate toxins, and aid the immune system in addition to activating the wonderful oestrogenic properties of the compound.* An aromatic bath solution will provide all these benefits too, with the added bonus of helping with digestive issues.* And of course, there is always the option of diffusing and inhaling the essential oil when prioritizing its beneficial effects within the respiratory system, all while enjoying its sweet, peppery, energizing aroma.* Let’s explore how and why each method could be used.

  • Overall Topical Application: 2-3% Dilution
    • Sweet Fennel Essential Oil is safe to be applied topically to the skin if properly diluted. Apply to areas where cramping or other discomfort is to be alleviated, or where excess fluid or bloating occurs.* Apply to the chest for mitigating symptoms of respiratory ailments, or to facilitate breastmilk production.* However, it is recommended to AVOID putting the essential oil anywhere in which a breastfeeding child could make direct contact with it.* The proper dilution for this method is 2-3% (10-15 drops per tablespoon of carrier oil).
  • Whole Body Massage Application: 1-2% Dilution
    • You could also use Sweet Fennel Essential Oil by incorporating it into a full-body massage solution. This method will aid the lymphatic system with overall immune function and help to eliminate toxins in the body.* It will also help to clear the lungs while mitigating symptoms associated with cold, flu, and bronchial asthma.* This technique will unleash the oestrogenic properties of the compound, making it an extremely effective tool for women who hope to facilitate a healthier, more comfortable, and consistent menstrual cycle or to ease symptoms of menopause in all its stages.* It can even help to facilitate the processes of childbirth and breastfeeding, but pregnant women should always consult a professional before using this or any other essential oil.* The proper dilution for this method is 1-2% (5-10 drops per tablespoon of carrier oil).
  • Aromatic Bath Application: up to 2% Dilution
    • Another way to enjoy Sweet Fennel Essential Oil is to incorporate it into a soothing aromatic bath. Simply dilute the oil into your favorite bath salts or bath milk, mix the solution into a full tub of warm water, and proceed to soak up the therapeutic essence of this potent compound. This will unlock ALL of its potential benefits to the respiratory, lymphatic, and female reproductive systems, in addition to helping the digestive system with curbing excessive cravings, easing feelings of fullness or flatulence, and mitigation of cramping.* The proper dilution for this method is 1-2% (no more than 5-10 drops).
  • Diffusion / Inhalation Application: add a few drops to a Nebulizer or Nasal Inhaler
    • To maximize the respiratory benefits of Sweet Fennel Essential Oil, it is quite effective to diffuse and inhale its sweet, peppery aroma. As an expectorant it will help to clear the lungs and mitigate symptoms associated with bronchial asthma, common cold, or flu.* This method has also been shown to help curb excessive food cravings for those seeking to lose weight.* Many have noted that its unique scent provides an energetic and focused state of mind for the user.* Simply add a few drops to your favorite diffuser or inhaler to enjoy its undeniably therapeutic essence — either by itself or blended with other complementary essential oils.

What would blend well with Sweet Fennel?

Amrita’s Sweet Fennel Essential Oil has a licorice-like aroma which falls into the “top note” classification, making it a fitting complement to “middle” and “base” notes on the spectrum. Try blending with Cardamom and Ginger for an energizing combination to help power through a full workday with vigor and focus.* When respiratory health is the priority, blend with some Lavender Extra and Lemon for a powerful lung-clearing combination.* And for those who are trying to drop a few pounds, blending Sweet Fennel with Juniper Berry and Vanilla might be just the combination for curbing excess cravings!*

Here are a few DIY recipes for you to try in your nebulizer:


Final Thoughts from the Amrita Team

While Sweet Fennel Essential Oil has benefits to be enjoyed by just about anybody, it is probably fair to say that this one is really geared towards the ladies. And there’s certainly nothing wrong with that, given the sacred responsibilities thrust upon womankind along with the ups and downs which come with them. Women don’t have to go it alone as nature’s diverse offering of tools includes this unique remedy for a range of feminine issues.* It’s quite comforting to know that Mother Nature is looking out for all of humankind and makes no exception when it comes to the mothers who make it all possible. Sweet Fennel can serve as a well-deserved companion for women as they navigate through every stage of their amazing lives.* If you have not yet pampered yourself to the benefits of Sweet Fennel, don’t wait any longer to reward yourself for your efforts. Order yours today!

Happy Blending!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.