Manuka Essential Oil

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  • Manuka Essential Oil: Also known as New Zealand Tea Tree, Manuka has a spicy, herbaceous, fresh aroma. Often used for skin, respiratory, and muscular ailments.
    Farming MethodWildcrafted
    Country of OriginNew Zealand
    Plant PartLeaf
    Scientific NameLeptospermum scop.
    Application Method Diffusion, Internal Use, Topical

  • Manuka essential oil (also called New Zealand Tea Tree) is steam distilled from the wild-crafted leaves and twigs of the manuka, a small tree native to New Zealand. It has a distinctive spicy, herbaceous, fresh aroma. Topical use of the various parts of manuka was common among early Maoris and settlers. The essential oil has been used for generations in New Zealand for its antimicrobial properties. It is used to heal skin conditions such as acne, skin irruptions, insect bites and slow-healing ulcers and wounds. It also has been used for respiratory problems and to relieve muscular aches and pains.

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