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China Orange, Portugal Orange

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  • Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil: Cheerful Sweet Orange is perfect for your essential oil starter kit. It mixes well with other oils, is loved by children and is wonderful for skin care, uplifting spirits and aiding in digestion.
    Farming MethodCertified Organic
    Country of OriginMexico
    Plant PartPeel
    Scientific NameCitrus sinensis
    Application Method Diffusion

  • The sweet orange is an iconic, bright, cheerful fruit that uplifts and soothes your spirit. Its citrusy, fresh, sweet scent conveys such happiness, warmth and light that you cannot help but relax when smelling its fragrance. The sweet orange evokes a beautiful summer day, when the sun is shining and the day is full of fun. Served for breakfast and used for flavoring in sweets, for centuries the orange has been a well-loved fruit by both children and adults alike. Orange Essential Oil is now used therapeutically for many emotional and physical conditions. It is one of the least expensive essential oils on the market, making it a wonderful staple for your aromatherapy collection.

    Following is a list of conditions Sweet Orange Essential Oil addresses, by category.

    Nervous system: Seriousness, tension, nervousness, withdrawal, fear of the unknown, winter blues, insomnia.

    Skin care: Cellulite, acne, dry and irritated skin, aged skin, rough and calloused skin.

    Circulatory system: Lymph sluggishness, swollen tissue.

    Digestive: Sluggish digestive system, gallbladder, constipation, flatulence, cramps, diarrhea, improving bile flow.

    Immune: Fever

  • Cellulite: Massage, Aromatic Bath, add to shower gel.

    Nerves, tension, uptightness, feeling withdrawn, fear of the unknown: Diffusion, Aromatic Bath.

    Insomnia: Diffusion

    Feeling down or winter blues: Diffusion

    Lymph sluggishness, swollen tissue: Massage

    Constipation: Topical Application

    Sluggish digestive system: Topical Application

    Air clearing: Diffusion

    Safety Precautions

    Nontoxic, non-irritant, non-sensitizing.

  • Traditional Lore

    The sweet orange that we know and love today arrived in Europe from China in the 16th  century with Arabian travelers and later was brought to the Americas and West Indies by Christopher Columbus. Chinese doctors used orange peels for coughs, colds and anorexia. In the rest of the world, the sweet orange wasn’t commonly used therapeutically, because it was considered rare and expensive. However, by the 17th century people had started using it medicinally. These days, Orange Essential Oil is one of the least expensive oils on the market and is used for many different emotional and physical conditions!

    About the Plant

    The orange is one of the most cultivated fruits in the world. The bright, cheerful oranges grow on evergreen trees in warm areas of the Americas and other subtropical regions in the world. The evergreen orange trees grow to be about 30 feet tall and have shiny, smooth, oblong leaves with beautiful white flowers. The fruit has a sweet pulp and non-bitter membranes and is enjoyed for breakfast, snacks and as flavoring all around the world. It takes the peels of around 1,000 oranges to make about 20 ounces of essential oil. Imagine how much orange juice you could squeeze from that many oranges!

    Where it Grows

    The orange is native to China and cultivated especially in the Americas and the Mediterranean region.



  • Pesticides are commonly oil soluble but not water soluble. Since citrus oils are cold-pressed rather than steam-distilled, pesticides tend to end up in the oil. We therefore strongly recommend using certified organic citrus oils and not those from conventional farming. For Orange Oil, the price difference between the conventional and the organic is rather small. Amrita therefore carries only the certified organic quality.

  • Scent: Sweet, warm, sunny and citrusy.

    Blends With: Bergamot, Geranium, Lavender, Neroli, Rosewood, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang.

    Fragrance Note: Top.

    Composition: Mainly limonene.

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    GC Analysis Documents for Orange Sweet


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      Very nice orange scent...sunny!
      Lisa Says: (Posted on 12/6/2014)
      I use this in a lamp that melts soy wax. I add it to the melt wax. It makes the room smell sunny and warm!